Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On to the Supremes!

OK: How's this for a Pagan value? Equality under the law
To our gay and lesbian friends: I am so, so sorry.

To all the straight couples who enjoy rights that they do not: It's time to march with our friends.


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Anonymous said...


I am blinking back tears of joy and gratitude right now. Thank you for starting the June event early with this simple and heartfelt message. I am glad that the first Pagan voice I encountered today to speak of this was yours.

I am, as a Gay Man a Witch and a Patriot, of two minds on this issue.

It would be nice to see Prop 8 overturned in the courts. It would be much, much better to see it overturned by the will of the people of California. To see Californians turn aside the lies and misinformation and fear-mongering and petty bigotry they were fed by the proponents of Prop 8 and see them vote it undeniably out of existence.

While I am willing to take winning in court, I would much prefer a resounding and widespread and undeniable moral victory.

... I think sentiments like these are why my astrologically minded friends of mine look at me and say "Aries...right?"

Peace, Love, and Humor,

Al said...

"On to the Supremes?"

You realize that the Federal Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over the California Supreme Court, which just made the horrid ruling, right?

The only option now is another proposition to change the state constitution again. The US Supreme Court can do nothing here.

Dj Connell said...

This issue will once again go before California voters. Work to put that on the ballot has already begun.

That said, this law, or one very much like it will go before the Supreme court eventually. Just as the so called "separate but equal" laws against black people in the southern states were thrown out, en mass, by the U.S. Supreme court, which ruled them unconstitutional, so, too, will laws against gay marriage.