Sunday, November 09, 2008

Justice Done and Justice Denied: A Dance To Mother Kali

This video shows a lady named Pali Chandra, an exponent in the field of Kathak, one of the seven major classical dance forms from India. She is dancing a piece in praise of Goddess Kali. Kali is well-known throughout the Hindu community as the Mother of the universe and the destroyer of evil. I've been thinking about her a lot as I read both the national news and the news coming out of California.

This video shows a lady named Sister Charity telling us why Proposition 8 - the ban against gay marriage in California - cannot and will not stand:

The Arc of the moral universe is long,
but it bends towards justice.
Martin Luther King

My sorrow goes out to my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who saw their rights take a step backwards even while our country, joyfully and gratefully, took a giant step forwards.

What part of "separate is not equal" do we as a nation not understand?

The chickens in California just got more consideration then gay couples. Sad. (1)

Keith Olbermann summed it up for a lot of straights-who-don't-hate last night. Watch that special comment - it's worth your time.

For the record, my husband and I both feel that our own marriage (performed and approved in California) is now less valid because our gay and lesbian friends can't marry. If you don't want certain people to marry in your temple, mission or church, then don't perform the ceremony. But don't expect a democratic nation to follow your example.

How dare we treat love - anyone's love - as unimportant.


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(1) I'm trying to explain this to my friends who wonder how my progressive, beloved and former home state could have voted in this way. It helps to remember that California, for all of it's tolerance, freedom and vision, is the state that gave us both Richard Nixon and Ronald Regan. Yet even Gov. Schwarzenegger is now standing up and reminding us that the fight isn't over. People can evolve; well done, Arnold.

The many spontaneous demonstrations, the split in the LDS church (which heavily financed Prop 8) and the support for gay marriage among people who care about justice - not to mention the actions of the ACLU - shows us that, as well.


Anonymous said...

Olbermann was fantastic in that clip! I think everyone who voted for Prop 8 should have to watch it over and over and over until they beg for mercy!

Geoffrey D. Stewart said...


Thank you for your post, and the media and articles you included. I LOVED Sister Charity and have added a copy of the video to my new blog...

and the companion yahoogroup...

They are part of my evolving responses to the passage of the ballot initiatives. I may not be a man of wealth, but I am a man of words and Will!

Please check them out and let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...


This Saturday, November 15th is a nationwide day of protest against Proposition 8 and other attacks against gay marriage. You can probably find a protest site near you.

Geoffrey D. Stewart said...

Hey thanks!

I've added the link to my resources and potential allies list on the Gay Marriage (or something like it) blog and put up a blurb on the blog... I am off on the 15th so I look forward to being at City Hall!

Pax / Geoffrey