Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Gone to the Discworld: The North American Discworld Convention


For the Seamstress Guild this has been a year's worth of planning and organizing behind the scenes. For others on the Con Committee it has been four years of hard effort and cat herding. Now it all comes to fruition. I'm off to the first
North American Discworld Convention.

Geek Fun:

NADWCon Twitter Group: Many people will be tweeting about the convention in real time. Should make for an interesting read.

Flickr: You can see photos as they appear on the group flickr page.

Facebook: There is also a Facebook page. (1)

Who's Who's

I will be meeting a number of old friends there, including Xcentricities Corsets who were so often in the dealer's room at our Witches' Balls and the good people of Avalon Arts Photography (also old friends from the ball). (2)

I will finally meet Rowan in person, she who organizes the Fairyworlds Festival in Arizona along with several Pagan events, and who is the con's Volunteer Coordinator.
(Brave woman)

There are three women in particular, who, if you meet them, should be offered a huge "Thank You", a hug and a good stiff drink, chocolate and/or help. They are Anna (Guest Liaison and Con Muse), Emily (Vice Chair, and Web Mistress) and Margie (Decorating Chair). Emily and Anna also did the lion's share of work when it came to Programming.

Honors and praise also go to Jeff (Con Banker who has done so much else, as well) and Randall (Maskarade Director, Official Con Punster) and Jon (Con Artist) along with Artemesia and her daughter who made some of our convention art especially for Terry.

A full list of Who's Who at the Con, along with bios, is up on the Committee Page at the site. If you are going to the con, please give these folks your support.

Seamstress Guild Party: If you enjoy the party put on by the guild (of which I am a proud member) you can thank "Mrs Palm", the Party's Director and Organizer, who has also done hundreds of hours of quiet work for NADWCon behind the scenes to support other nadwcon staff and their events.

I would also like to give a shout out to the women and men of the Seamstress Guild who are not only organizing and working the party but volunteering all over the convention. (Look for those purple (women's) and blue (men's) ribbons with the unique rosettes, you can't miss 'em). I am proud to be a member of such a lovely, talented, hardworking group of people.

Thanks, also, to my good friend Chaos, (who is back in L.A. making sure her home doesn't burn). Chaos, I would not have made it through this year without you.

Finally, to Terry Pratchett: Thanks for all the books.

Sia Vogel

P.S. Don't go looking for Sia once you're there. I'm going incognito and using a con name which you won't recognize. If we meet, t'was meant to be.


(1) There is also a NADWCon2009 Live Journal page which has announcements by the Vice Chair, and an general Discworld group at LJ.

(2) If you live in the Phoenix area of Arizona, the Dealer Room will be open to the public. Have fun.

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Discworld Dave said...

Well done to everyone invloved getting it organized. I know everyone will have had a great time because Discworld Conventions are a blast!