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Seamstress Guild Party in Honor of Terry Pratchett

This just in from the Seamstress Guild:
Not A Needle Among 'Em

The Seamstress Guild is a loose affiliation of women and men who come
together for a variety of reasons. Our official purpose (whenever the Watch is making inquiries) is to prepare for the Seamstress Guild Party in honor of Mr. Terry Pratchett which is to be the highlight of the North American Discworld Convention's first night.

On the glorious night in question, the Grand Ballroom will be transformed into the Seamstress Guild Hall. Ladies of the Guild and gentleman from the Men's Auxiliary will be hosting a grand reception that involves food, music, and a Discworld scavenger hunt, as well as the chance to meet the very flower of Discworld Society, such as it is, and be photographed for The Truth's Society Page. Prizes for best costumes worn that evening will be awarded by our Esteemed Patron, Mr Terry Pratchett.

Mr Pratchett has also arranged for a special gift for our attendees, which will remain a secret until the night in question....

- Seamstress Guild motto

This is to be the second party of it's kind organized by the Seamstress Guild, the first taking place at the San Jose WorldCon in 2002, where Mr. Pratchett, was the Guest of Honor. The entertainment went well into the wee hours. Our Patron had such a good time with our Guild members and guests that he has asked us to do it again (it being the party, of course - Mr Pratchett has thus far refused all other offers) and so began our preparations. We are now ready to host this next event and would be most pleased if you could join us, and him, on the night in question.

Please see the first link listed below this announcement for information on the convention.

The second link will take you to the Seamstress Guild discussion board, where the men and women of the guild are gathered to plan both the party and their costumes.

Respectfully Yours,

Mrs Palm
Party Maven, NADWCon

For more in the Guild's Background in the Discworld novels, go here:

Please note: Tickets for the convention are limited to 900. At present, we have sold over 750. Those who wait too long to buy their tickets for this event will be disappointed.

Event Location: Mission Palms Hotel - Grand Ballroom in Tempe
Event TIME Details: 7 PM - 9:30 PM

Website: North American Discworld Convention
Website II: Seamstress Guild Yahoo Group:

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Update 6:23 PM - from the NADWCon page at Live Journal

Terry Pratchett's latest book, Unseen Academicals, is now available for pre-order.

Update 7/16/08

Video of Terry Pratchett receiving an honorary degrees from Bradford University

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