Sunday, September 06, 2009

Seamstress Guild Party: Discworld Costume Contest Awards: NADWCon 2009

Well, that was quite a party...

The winners of the Seamstress Guild Party Stealth Costume Contest were wonderful and talented folks. Here is a Youtube video showing Terry giving out some of the awards (one to a Feegle and one to the Death of Rats AKA the Grim Squeaker). Terry himself gets an award from the guild.

Thank you all for a great evening,


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Discworld Dave said...

I'm glad the Feegle got a prize, it must have taken quite a lot of effort to put all that make-up on and get the costume together. Also it's the first time I ever saw a Feegle outfit I think, I guess most people assume they're not small enough to pull it off.