Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Iggy the cat investigates the ipad

Kevin Pereira (1) one of the fast talking, up-for-pretty-much-anything, very funny hosts on Attack of the Show noted on his twitter feed today that even cats love the ipad.

I've always said that cats are tool using animals. Few humans notice this because we are the tools they use.



(1) I enjoy this gentleman's lucid, well informed critiques, as well as his interviews. Like Jon Stewart, he is courteous, thoughtful and good to his guests and much of his humor is self deprecating. Also like Stewart, he has a rapier fast wit which he uses at need. Best of all, he can take the most recondite tech and make it understandable to folks like me who just want the darn thing to work.

There are funny, smart, tech-savvy women on the show, as well. If you like computers, comics, movies and such check it out.


Boris Kitty said...

OMC I iz sending ma human out to buy me one of dem sweet toys nao!

Anonymous said...

so funny--makes me miss my kitty! (That, and I totally need to get an ipad!)