Monday, April 19, 2010

Kitten Season & Black Cats

It's kitten season, folks, and the shelters are full. Remember that black cats still face prejudice due to superstition. They get adopted last and in many shelters they tend to be euthanized first. If you are looking for a new friend, consider an older cat or a black cat.

Your local shelter could use donations (no matter how small), supplies (like pet food or paper towels) and foster parents. See what you can do to help cats and dogs today.

Cats are tribal

If you do get a kitten, remember that cats are tribal animals and they get lonely and bored when you are away from home. It's always better with a buddy; why not get two? (1)


Enter your zip code in to find photos and bios on on available pets near you. Animals are listed by animal, breed, age, color, location, etc. The shelters and rescue groups will be glad to give you advice and information on how to care for your new friend. Petfinder lists all local shelters and many rescue groups and some of these offer discounts on adoption fees this time of year.

Meanwhile, enjoy this cute video made by a shelter volunteer
using her own black cats and her dog as the stars

Saying Goodbye To Our Boy

Posted in honor of Bjorn, our 16 year old black cat who passed away in our arms last weekend. With the help of our wonderful vet and her compassionate staff, he moved on without fear or pain, resting on his favorite blanket, knowing he was loved.

He was a brave, big hearted little guy; a great talker with a powerful spirit.

Goodbye, sweet boy, you'll be missed. May your little black cat sister and our friend who rescued you all those years ago be there to greet you on the other side. Go play.


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(1) That said, some cats aren't well socialized when young and don't like other cats or they really want to be your one and only. They have preferences just like we do and these need to be considered.

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