Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ideological Search Engine Released

This just in:

Scientists at Yahoo! today released Ideological Search, allowing users to control the ideology of their search results for the first time in search technology history. Until now, many Web search users were offended by the facts, pages, articles, and blogs in their search results that contradicted their own personal beliefs and values. Furthermore, search engines were often accused of being biased in one direction or another. Rather than try to comply with a hard-to-define “search fairness doctrine”, Yahoo! Ideological Search will allow its users to personally control the ideological perspective of their search.

...The team applied the latest research from the fields of sentiment analysis, intent detection, eye tracking, clustering, and empathetic reasoning to create Ideological Search. Current research directions stop at simple social search, faceted search, safe search, contextual search, while Ideological Search goes much further to give users only the information they want.
Now, if only they could do this for religious and gender-related news.

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