Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who doesn't love a good spiral?

A spiral tower has been chosen as the landmark piece for the London Olympics. Designed by artist Anish Kapoor, it will be stand somewhat higher than the Statue of Liberty and offer visitors panoramic views of London.

It has a M.C. Escher quality to it. I expect to see people inside it walking upside down.

While I love a good spiral as much as anyone I can't help thinking that the Olympic organizers might have chosen something a bit more useful for future generations (1) especially in the age of global climate change; something like a nature park, say, but clearly the millionaire who is funding this wants his steel used so this is what London gets. I hope they like it as this is going to be with them for a long time to come. (2)



...and less of a target for loonies.

(2) Did the people of this great city get to vote on this? I rather think not.

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Pitch313 said...

It doesn't resemble the Olympics Rings to me. How come London wants to become a theme park, anyway?

Chatters said...

I feel the same, I love art, but again, something else that has been harmful to the environment. And I very much doubt that the people got to vote on what they would like to see