Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy Tails - Cats on Twitter

This is why I read Twitter: Check out the CAT adoption page for some wonderful stories about cats who find their forever homes through this no kill shelter. (1)

Their twitter site also offer great articles on cat health and well being, photos & bios on cats you can adopt via (which lists adoptable pets from all over the country) as well as news about the animal rescue work being done in Haiti & elsewhere. This is how you do social networking for the good of all. Grandmother Spider would be proud.

CAT Food Bank:

This is another reason why I love these folks. They give out cat food and litter every month to cat owners in need through the CAT Food Bank. Last month they gave out over 2,500 lbs of cat food. The work is done by volunteers and all the food and litter is donated by folks in the community.

The CAT Facebook Fan Page is here.

Earthwise organizers take note: Twitter is an excellent form of free advertising & networking for any group willing to do the work. In this case, it's all done by volunteers.



P.S. Finding a group: Lots of animal groups are on Twitter these days. Find animal groups you support via google and then check their web page to see if they offer a Twitter link. Or just do a search on Twitter itself. A # (AKA a hashtag) indicates a subject such as #cats.

(1) Some adoption stories from CAT's Twitter page:

  1. Sweet, scared little Bunny adopted by a gentle woman who is home most of the time. She'll have gentle love & a quiet life. (Tigard)
  2. Nemo got a home without other cats, which is what he has always wanted. He will be his new mom's very best buddy.
  3. Mort adopted by some empty nesters who missed their daughter & her cat. He came out of his shell for them & got a new condo, too.
  4. Little January will now live in a Pearl District loft & spend her time playing w/ a 3 year old cat & her new humans. (Cascade St.)
  5. Gemini did her little chirps & walked around waving her tail proudly for woman who came in to see her. Enjoy your new home, G.
  6. Charming Stetson who likes to play very gently was adopted by a couple w/ previous cat experience. Have fun, boy.
  7. Shy cats r getting their due this week. Quiet, retiring Jesse adopted by couple w/ quiet home who appreciate his needs. (Wilsonville)
  8. Timid Oasis adopted by a couple who'd had a shy cat before. He will have a gentle, shy teacup chihuahua who loves cats as a buddy.
  9. Yeah! A CAT volunteer adopted dear, shy Naomi. She was in another shelter, then ours & waited over a year for good home. (Wash Sq.)
  10. Outgoing, brave Wahneeta went to a family w/ 2 kids & a 50lb dog. The dog misses his kitty who passed away at age 15.
  11. Kittens Hot Lips (now Isis) & Milo were adopted by a young couple who moved here from Detroit. (Wash. Sq. outreach)

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