Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome To The Social Media Revoution

Youth social networking researcher Dana Boyd has observed that many people presume the way they use social networks is the way everyone uses them ... Now picture our perspective leaving our own experiences, zooming out and up until we can see how all the different groups are interacting on a worldwide social network. That bird's-eye view could be both beautiful and horrible if the resolution was clear enough. That's what a Ramen-eating, ex-Apple engineer named Pete Warden is about to release to the public this week.

This Wednesday, Warden will make friend, fan page and name data from hundreds of millions of Facebook users available to the academic research community.
- to read more, go to Read, Write, Web and click on The Man Who Looked Into Facebook's Soul


I'm still of two minds about this new social revolution of ours. Let us consider Facebook, which so many Pagans are using. On the positive side of the Facebook equation is the fact that I am connecting with some wonderful folks. Usually though, these are people I already know in some way, if only via email or phone calls or through their books, music or work/interests we have in common. The negative side is this: Too many people (even those who can be fascinating in person) somehow don't feel the need to post in ways that are interesting, witty, useful or insightful (1) which means that a social media site can easily become the most boring party you've ever been to. Let me put it another way: Remember High School? Want to go back? I thought so.

Now this, this I did like: Facebook Comes of Age After Disaster In Haiti

Are you on Facebook? Please keep in mind that the privacy thing is still a huge issue. Facebook is not some cute little college start up. This company is not your friend. They are watching what you do and selling any information you post online to whoever wants it.

Are you planning to use the new Google Buzz? That has privacy and safety concerns, as well, because it can upload your location as well as your status. careful out there.


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(1) And please, save me from all these quizzes, games and "gifts" (which are just another way for Facebook to do more data mining).


Anonymous said...

I think we have to educate ourselves and, of course, always be skeptical. But at the same time, I love Facebook, blogging and so on. The key is to give away only the information you're comfortable giving away. There are ways to block those annoying Facebook quizzes and gifts. There are ways to keep your data somewhat private. And most of all, simply don't post anything you don't want getting out. This to me is so simple but some people don't get it. Maybe it just comes naturally to me since I'm more of a private person in general.

Twitter, however, annoys me! I don't need to stay in constant, streaming contact with anyone or anything. I even need my breaks from blogging and Facebook. There will be those who post useless info, but there will be those who discover unique benefits from the technology. Unfortunately, we just have to wade through it.

Truth is, though, none of this is going away. And i see work colleagues of mine who refuse to explore it--and I'm afraid they're going to find themselves labeled a dinosaur before long. We may not like all of it, but it does help to understand how it works.

belle said...

well you know I am not one for social networking, except on occasion for something political I care deeply about.

There is a very interesting perspective in this blog, so here is the link