Thursday, February 11, 2010

He Can Be My Green Man Any Time

Best commercial *ever* (1)

I laughed so hard you could hear me three blocks away. When I showed this to our 83 year old elder she laughed so hard she 'bout fell out of her chair. (2)

It almost makes up for all those Victoria Secret ads....but not quite. For an antidote to those, I recommend a pointed, witty blog called The Illusionists. Here is one of her latest posts: Australia bans images of small breasted women. You are going to gasp at their reasoning. Will someone please send the Australian government a clue for Valentine's Day?

May all your loves come with laughter,



(1) I love whoever wrote that. If I was single again, and, oh, 20 years younger, I'd be very tempted to introduce that young man to the Goddess. (Unless, of course, he'd prefer Her consort, in which case, I wish him joy).

Which reminds me: Have fun at PantheaCon, folks!

(2) This Old Spice "Manmercials" campaign was created by folks here in Oregon. I am just so proud. The gentleman on the screen is African American actor, Isaiah Mustafa.

Somebody give him some Shakespeare to do - I want to hear that velvety voice do the Bard. Or better yet, cast him as Captain Jack Harkness in the American version of Torchwood.

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Hecate said...

I laughed out loud, too.

Anonymous said...

Clever and creative! And I've always liked Old Spice (it's one of my deep, dark secrets).