Friday, February 12, 2010

PantheaCon 2010

Going to PantheaCon? Here are some notes that might help:

To Newcomers:

Not every person you meet there will be true tribe for you
. Use good personal boundaries and some common sense and you will find the empowered, ethical, creative, fun loving, balanced Pagans you knew were out there but had so much trouble finding before now. That's the great gift of PantheaCon and it's one reason why so many of us support it.

The organizers and many dedicated volunteers work hundreds of hours of their free time so that you can have this event. Please wear your best manners along with your jewelry and give them your support.

Don't just seek out the authors and the "Big Name Pagans". Attend workshops by folks you may never have heard of - these can be some of the best events you'll find at the con.

Twitter, Facebook & Pagan News

If you are on Twitter: Use #Pcon to let others find your posts. (a # denotes a subject)

The Facebook page is here

Jason from The Wild Hunt will be reporting from the con this year and presenting, as well. Nice.

Articles You Might Find Useful:

Ask Me About My Feminist Rage: Anne Hill Sums Up PantheaCon

The Bard and the Poser

Teachers Good and Bad
- Rev. Wren Walker

Dogma Is Not Particularly Important Compared To Ritual and Experience
- by Hecate

21st Century Pagans

To The Old Timers:

Like many of you, I've been going to this Con since it started and I've supported it in good times and bad. The con in turn has given me some great experiences, support and networking opportunities for my own work and some wonderful friends.

Please note:
The con can seem overwhelming (and rather "cliquish") to newcomers, especially if they come alone. Please take a moment to welcome new folks who might not know anyone else there. If you see someone standing alone, say "Hi". Remember, you were new once, too.

No One Else Will Say It, So I Will

I've known this community for over 15 years, and I know how Pagans think, talk and act around the issue of money. If you are there, you can afford it, so no bloody whining, especially not to the Pagan Vendors who work hard the whole con and who have a living to make. They paid a lot to have a table there, money which helps to fund this convention, and they are paying for hotel and travel, as well, and working the entire con while you folks play. We've all seen the Pagan shopper who grumbles to a hardworking witch at the idea of paying $4.00 for her homemade incense and then goes on to the next table and drops $60.00 on a crystal without batting an eye. Don't be that person.

Remember to adequately tip the hotel staff and all your food servers. It's very bad karma to buy that crystal but stint your waitress, very bad karma, indeed. Mark my words, it will come back and bite you on your assets.
To The Organizers:

Congrats on getting the schedule up on the website this year. I hope that someday you can add in descriptions, as well so others can link to it and so that the search engines can find your wonderful list of classes, traditions and teachers by teacher/group/tradition names and keywords and thus help get the word out.

Doing the Con Healthy, Clean & Sober:

I can confirm that many Pagans in Recovery will be gathering together at this event. Ask around and you'll find them.

The Con can be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to do it clean and sober. Here is a group that can help online. They deal with any and all issues, not just alcohol or drugs, and all who respect earthwise ethcs are welcome.

The Spiral Steps Support Groups - online group
Anonymous, non-cross talk, non-denominational meetings based on Earthwise Ethics. All are welcome

I will not be attending this year but I wish you all the best.

Happy Lunar New Year! This is the year of the Golden Tiger.

Wishing the blessings of Quan Yin for you and yours. I'll be home, watching the Olympics and feasting on Chinese food.

Go safe,



To: Rowan F., Kitchen Diva, AH, The Luck family, Thalassa, Token, Chaos, the good folks at FLARE, and all my other friends who support and attend this convention year after year: You will be in my thoughts. Safe travels.

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