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Connecting With Folks in Recovery at PantheaCon and Other Events

Folks at that Spiral Steps online support group are discussing how to hook up with others who want to stay clean & sober, keep on their food plan, handle the energy or just otherwise deal with some things (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) that might come up at PantheaCon this year. Similar discussions are also going on at the PantheaCon communities at Facebook and Live Journal

Update 1/31/01 I am now told that there will be meetings among a group called Pagans In Sobriety but that these are not on the schedule (and why not?) I will post contact info when available.

Meanwhile, over at Spiral Steps,
This announcement was made at the Spiral Steps online board (and I post it here with permission).
Hi folks

I'd like to address the issue of finding support at conventions and other events. All sorts of issues can come up in such places, including eating issues and encounters with our shadow sides (and the shadow sides of other people). Many of us will also run into Exs (or ex circle members or former friends) and this can be tough.

Some backstory: Over the years, I've offered workshops on starting Spiral Steps meetings at PantheaCon, and often met with our group members and other attendees trying to stay clean, sober and sane at such high energy events. (1) Please Note: I will not be attending PCon this year but others from our group will be there.

As always, I encourage people to be self empowered in these cases. In other words, if we want something done, then we have to be the ones who step up and make it happen. I am delighted to see some folks doing that and I'm happy to give support and advice to others who want to do that same thing at other events.

So, if someone cares to arrange a Spiral Steps meet at any event, regardless of focus, tradition or path then I will give them any help and advice I can. All are welcome. I can be reached at

Spiral Steps

(1) ..I recently did this kind of networking at the North American Discworld convention and met a lot of great folks that way.
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