Saturday, February 20, 2010

Because sometimes we need to see puppies

Charles Schultz was right; happiness is a warm puppy.

This is Sherman the Airedale babysitting some Scottie puppy friends. Enjoy.

Rex the Blind Airedale:

Meet Rex, another great dog. He is blind. Rex was left in the woods to die but was rescued by kind people. We met him at Doggie Palooza in Portland. His owner, Sean, is a great guy.

You can read about his rescue at Rex's blog:

Northwest Airedale Rescue
is the group that saved found a home for Rex. If you are looking to adopt an Airedale, these folks can help.

Dogs Change Lives - Service Dogs

The website, Dogs Change Lives, has some great stories about service dogs and how they change lives. If the news has got you down and you need to feel uplifted, check it out.

Looking for a Pet? Try PetFinder.

Are you ready to adopt? Then heck out Put in your zip code and you can search for rescued/adoptable pets by species, breed, sex, size, gender and age.
The groups and shelters listed here can tell you about each pet's temperament and help you find one that best fits your home and lifestyle.

It's a dog, not an Ipod:

Remember folks: This is an adoption, not a purchase. The animal has to like you as much as you like them and your home has to be the right environment for their needs. If, for example, you are gone all day long and don't like activity, then a Australian Cattle Dog or an Airedale, two working breeds which need a great deal of activity and thrive best when they have mental stimulus, may not be the right choice. Ask questions and do your homework before you choose a breed.

Happy hunting,


P.S. Congrats to Sadie the Scottie at winning at Westminster Dog Show. Old breeds rule!

If you choose to buy a pet from a Breeder (and I do encourage you to adopt an animal, instead) then please make sure he/she comes from a responsible breeder.

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Video: Sherman the Airedale babysitting 5 Scottie puppies via Youtube.

Found at LA Unleashed: Your Morning Adorable

Photo of Rex by HereatWitsEnd - used with permission.

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