Thursday, August 06, 2009

Acropolis Movie Won't Be Censored After All

Good news,

Never underestimate the power of YouTube to leapfrog over a censor's red tape.

The latest example involves a battle between Oscar-winning filmmaker Costa-Gavras and the newly opened Acropolis Museum in Greece.

Last week, the director asked to withdraw his credit from an animated short that the museum was showing as part of a larger film about the history of the Parthenon. Officials at the museum had reportedly removed a scene from Costa-Gavras' movie after the Greek Orthodox Church objected to what it saw as a depiction of Christian priests destroying parts of the ancient temple.

But on Tuesday, the Acropolis Museum said it had reversed its decision to cut the film after days of picketing and the threat of a lawsuit.


Youtube video short found here

My thanks to the wonderful Wren's Nest News site for the link to this story.

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