Sunday, April 19, 2009

Andy Hallett: Thanks for all the songs writes this about Andy:
Andy known for playing Angel's suave, friendly green demon Lorne with the ability to read people when they sang (most often at his violence-free karaoke club) -- passed away March 29 following a five-year battle with congestive heart disease. He was 33. Fans will remember his voice (watch the clips below), his impeccable comedic timing ("Is there a Gepetto in the house?"), and his gift for making you see past layers of prosthetics and makeup. ("They have no music there. It doesn't exist. Do you know what that's like? No lullabies, no love songs. All my life I thought I was crazy, that I had ghosts in my head or something... simply because I could hear music. Of course, I didn't know it was music. All I knew was that it was something... beautiful and... and painful and right. And I was the only one who could hear it. Then I wound up here and heard Aretha for the first time...")
Hearing Aretha for the first time will do that for a person.

Bye, Andy. Thanks for all the jokes and songs.


More information about Andy can be found here.

Youtube videos:

Lorne tribute - Green Psycho - posted at my blog

Numfar does the dance of joy
Note for fans: That's Joss Whedon playing Numfar.

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