Saturday, December 15, 2007

Zoe, Inara, and Kaylee: We Miss You

Lacking new content (something that happens when you don't pay the writers), the SciFi channel is showing Firefly once again, in the correct order. Fans of the show will remember that the brains at Fox (where this program originally aired) decided to start the series on episode 3, undercutting the elegant, witty (and meaningful) set up provided by it's creator, Joss Whedon. As the San Francisco Chronicle noted when the movie based on this short lived series came out:

Some people might question these fans' devotion to a series that ran a total of 13 episodes (of which only 11 aired). Some people have never been in love. Written and directed by TV auteur Joss Whedon (creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel"), "Firefly" was a polarizing phenomenon from its first episode in 2002. Its wildly inventive premise and pithy dialogue earned it critical praise, but good reviews couldn't save it: Fox showed episodes out of sequence, frequently pre-empted the show and finally canned it mid-season.

This time, you can watch - at least some of it - in the right order.

Or, better yet, you can ask for the DVD set as a Yule gift. This brilliant, well acted and darkly funny show deserves to be seen by more than just a few of us. You can read a review of the series here.

Kids Need To Read Project:

Meanwhile, check out the Kids Need to Read project, started by Firefly star Nathan Fillion and his good friend, writer P.J. Haarsma. The project is designed to put books on library shelves.

Zoe, Inara and Kaylee - we miss you. Smart, independent and powerful women characters are in short supply these days. Check out the video above in which Joss Whedon explains (yet again) why he writes strong women characters.


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