Saturday, March 14, 2009

Swan Lake and Russell Brand

It's Saturday and I want to go to a movie with my fella. Instead, I'm working from home, sending polite but firm emails to a team whose members not only need to get on the same page, they need to decide what book they're reading. Do you know the meaning of snafu? No? Well, this is a family blog (more or less) so I'm not going to tell you here - look it up. Anyway, this snafu-thing-y has me thinking about a delightful parody from my childhood, and thinking, " Come on, people! Do you want a chicken or a swan? The curtain's about to go up."

As the lady once said,

A chicken or a duck is a mistake
when you do Swan Lake.

...and if you really want to laugh (and cry and groan, as I am doing as I write these emails) read My Bonky Wook: A Memorior of Sex, Drugs and Stand Up by Russell Brand. You can read/listen to his NPR interview here.

and now back to my little swans....

"Whattda gonna do? Shoot the swans? These lovelies!"

Need a sweet-hearted, funny (and very raunchy) movie for the weekend? Then rent Forgetting Sarah Marshal. Brand is the best thing in it but the whole cast is stellar, including "Kenneth the Page" from 30 Rock playing a repressed Christian on his honeymoon who can't enjoy sex with his pretty, eager wife until the jaded but kind rock star (Brand) shows him how.
Fair warning: Do not watch this with anyone who doesn't have a very bawdy (and I mean Elizabethan) sense of humor.


Hecate said...

I think I'm like the only person above age 12 who loves it, but, damn, I love Swan Lake.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thoroughly enjoyed all of this. And am looking forward to reading Kenneth Brand's book. Always interested in honest recovery stories.

Dj Connell said...

I, too, love recovery stories. I'm a frankly amazed that Brand survived.

I saw Swan Lake when I was young and I've never gotten over it. (sniff). What must it feel like to dance like that?

There are so many comic Swan Lakes to choose from now that it is hard to pick a favorite but this one still stands out for me.