Saturday, November 15, 2008

Green Tips for Thanksgiving & Presidential Puppy Watch

Today I would like to share some Green Tips for Thanksgiving from our friends at TreeHugger. These include directions on cooking a sustainable Thanksgiving dinner.

Presidential Puppy Watch:

Meanwhile, the Presidential Puppy Watch continues. Kudos to Michelle Obama and her family for deciding to choose a shelter dog. A lovely story in the LA Times notes that animal shelters around the country are grateful for the spotlight this has put on their work.

Can't Adopt? Why Not Foster?

Shelters around the country are full as more and more people loose their homes. If you can't adopt a pet, perhaps you could be a temporary foster parent to some needy cats and dogs? Share the love - it's a very rewarding thing to do.

Got Blankets?

Shelters also need: dog, cat and kitten food, toys, paper towels, old blankets, cloth towels, and old pet medications that you may have that are still viable.

Cats Like Turkey, Too, and These Cats are 50% Off Through November:

On a local note: The Cat Adoption Team's No Kill Cat Shelter in Sherwood, Oregon is full, and they are offering 50% off of all adoptions for both cats and kittens through November 30th.

Does Fluffy need fixing? They are also offering a low cost spay and neuter clinic through November 30th - Check it out.


Photo: As part of a campaign to stop puppy mills, then-Senator Barack Obama posed at the Lincoln Memorial with Baby, a poodle who survived a puppy mill but lost one of her legs from the ordeal. The image will appear in the upcoming book, "A Rare Breed of Love" by Jana Kohl.

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