Sunday, November 23, 2008

Investing Like a Girl

Hah! ... thought so: successful businessman Warren Buffet invests like a girl.

The article, written for The Motley Fool by LouAnn DiCosmo, notes that

Women tend to look at more than just numbers when deciding whether to invest in a company. They invest in companies they feel good about ethically and personally. And companies with good products, good services, and ethics tend to have better long-term prospects -- and face fewer lawsuits.

It's a good article on prosperity-minded people and their path to abundance - enjoy.

The time to be fearful is when others are being greedy.

The time to be greedy is when others are being fearful
- Warren Buffet

Doing Well by Doing Good OR
Making The Green From Green:

What is Buffett doing now? When he's not investing billions into Goldman Sachs, he's putting millions into as yet, unproven
green China.

But what about investments this country? A study commissioned by the nation's mayors states that 4.2 million new green jobs will be created in this country within the next three decades.

... it assumes by 2038 alternative energy will account for 40 percent of electricity production with half of that coming from wind and solar; widespread retrofitting of buildings to achieve a 35 percent reduction in electricity use; and 30 percent of motor fuels coming from ethanol or biodiesel.

Alternative energy such as wind, geothermal, biomass and solar, currently accounts for less than 3 percent of electricity generation and nonfossil sources such as ethanol and biodiesel about 5 percent of all motor fuels, the report notes.

Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, the conference's president, said the report makes "a very compelling economic argument for investing in the green economy and that we're going to get a huge return for it."

Looking ahead, planning for the future, taking people and the planet into account. Now that's investing like a girl; something to keep in mind when happy times are here again.

Here's to better times ahead.


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