Monday, November 24, 2008

This American Life: Music

This one goes out to those among us who were in their high school band, orchestra or choral group. You know who you are....

Last Sunday, This American Life put on one of the best programs I've ever heard them give. Called Music, it featured three radio essays by authors David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell and Anne Lamott. Sarah's essay - where she tells us all the things she learned that had nothing to do with music - was my favorite.




(1) A music critic who writes both comedy and history, Sarah is also the author of Assissination Vacation and The Wordy Shipmates. She is also well known as the voice of Violet Parr in the brilliant animated film, The Incredibles.

Here is video of Sarah on The Daily Show, talking about her new book on what she calls "those elitist Puritan Jesus Freaks". It's very funny - enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, really enjoyed that broadcast. And I agree, Sarah's piece was the best.

Dj Connell said...

I love her use of language.

I just ordered her last two books. Much fun will be had.