Friday, July 11, 2008

Pagan Charity Efforts & Flooding In the Midwest

This just in from Kerr Cuhulain

The recent flooding in the Midwest has left homes in ruin. Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana have all seen home with up to five feet of water in them. Now people are trying to rebuild their lives and recover their homes. Officers of Avalon plans to assist families with donations. Please show the world that Pagans still have the charity in their hearts that lead to such an outpouring in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and donate to Avalon Cares today.

99% of all donations will be used for direct assistance to families in need. The remaining 1% helps with the maintenance of the website and other administrative costs. We are an all-volunteer organization with minimal overhead. Watch the website and our newsletter for updates on the flood relief.

Kerr Cuhulain
Preceptor General, Officers of Avalon

You make us proud, folks. Thank you.

....currently having fun in San Francisco

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