Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gothic Bellydance

Now here's an odd thing to offer folks for summer. But then, I'm off to San Francisco soon, a place which combines the sunny and the gothic to great effect, so I'm in the mood. Still, as much as I love the work Edward Gory, (1) gothic imagery isn't usually my thing. (2) But then I found this video on Gothic Bellydance and I loved it. Now I have to see it done live.

The festival looks like great fun - lucky New Yorkers.

Speaking of EG, check out The Gorey Details for all your gory needs. I have the duck. He makes a lovely edition to my rubber duck collection.

Serious Gorey collectors and fans of his books will enjoy Goryography, which has all the latest Gory news.

Happy Summer,



(1) The Unstrung Harp being my personal favorite.

(2) When I first encountered gothic fashion styles in the 70's they were a welcome and rebellious relief from all that disco. This trend has since been take up and worn to great effect by those who can pull of the look. (This does not include my humble self. I am neither wan nor ethereal.) This latest generation is doing some interesting things with various styles, and I enjoy watching them work it.

Those who enjoy wearing the look might like the Dark Side of the Net which lists Goth clothing and jewelry shops.

Other Videos:

The Nine Inch Nails video titled You Are My Perfect Drug was based entirely on Gorey's imagery. Some people found this video to be romantic. I've always thought it was an excellent portrayal of an addict's despair; nothing romantic in that.

This post goes out to Marie. I still remember your wonderful costume and hat for that Gory party some years ago. That, and the (shall we say "eclectic"?) performance given that night of The Curious Sofa.


Inanna said...

Gorgeous. I'm totally envious of those dancers. I want to be them.

Sometime in my mid-30s I became a Goth wannabe. Never when I was an adolescent. Alas, I'm big and blonde and rosy-cheeked...

Dj Connell said...


I know what you mean. I always say that I'm built for stamina, not for speed.

I'm more a Renaissance Faire type, myself. I look great in a corset.