Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lucy Daughter Of The Devil

I love this show. It's so dry and subversive. The voices are perfect and the visuals are unique. You get the point of view (and often feel sympathy for) all of the characters. How can you not like Satan, who wears a Cosby sweater, tries (in his own way) to be a good Dad, and is much sweeter than anyone I've ever seen in the Bush Administration.

One of my favorite characters is Becky, the Devil's Advocate, and this Jesus is one I'd like to meet. Best of all, it takes place in San Francisco, one of my very favorite cities. Personally, I think the Antichrist would live somewhere else, SF being so laid back, accepting and all. Wouldn't an evil mission be better received elsewhere? But let's not quibble. It's a great little show. My witches' hat is off to the creators, who make us laugh in hard times.

It's very dark and very funny - check it out.


Note: This is the first episode. You can find the other episodes on Adult Swim.

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