Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Honorary Pagans

Because they tell truth to power. Because they care about the little things, like civil rights, religious freedom, the U.S. Constitution and free speech. Because they help us laugh along the way. Because they are proud to be citizens in a democracy, and they use their rights as citizens to question everyone and everything, right, left or center. Because, while they willing to clown around and act dumb, they never assume that we're dumb. This makes them our National Jesters. Because they actually believe we can learn from history. Because they are both ethical family men who have their priorities in the right order. Because they love good writing, and, finally, because they will grieve with us, but they will not despair.

Well done, lads. Well done.

Pay no attention to the flap-mouthed footlickers out there. Just keep on doing what you're doing.

Kelly Rae Kramer notes this about Stewart in her article titled Jon Stewart's Gandhian Struggle (and it is also true about Colbert). It sums up how we feel about both men.

Jon Stewart wages a daily satyagraha, an on-going nonviolent struggle in which he clings to the truth, Gandhi-style, making us laugh as he gets us to think. As a result, Stewart, on his fake news show, often does a better job revealing what's going on in the world than the real news media.

Yea verily.

Blessings, gentlemen, to you and yours, and thank you.


Update 8/18/07:
Daily Show to air from Iraq


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YouTube Videos
Update 8/18/07 - I had one clip from the Daily Show posted, which I have removed for these reasons. I have kept clips from shows which have not objected to posts on Youtube and elsewhere, along with the montages. (As far as I know a montage does not violate copyright law).

John Stewart on Crossfire

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Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert at the Emmy Awards (very funny)

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Off the Shelf:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book) Teacher's Edition: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction


Hecate said...

In my circle we having an expression: "Witch, but doesn't know it." Mary Oliver, for example, is a witch, but doesn't know it. I agree with you about Stewart and Colbert; they're great. And, they're something that this junta and its supporters can't seem to ever be: funny.

Thomas said...