Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Words and Pictures

Photo by wetribe.

I've got two new obsessions.

Which lets me catalog my books and meet other people with like-minded libraries. Sometimes I'll post an obscure subject in the search function (medieval soap carving, say) and see what other people have in their collections. I've found many a treasure that way. Or, I'll post a favorite author and see what people who like that author also read. This site makes my Inner Librarian so very happy. Those of you who live in L-space will understand.


The next obsession is Flickr.

Because images excite me.

Photo by wetribe

I love human faces. I love to draw faces, and I love to see the photographs of people that others make. I like the stories behind the images.

What is she laughing at, I wonder?

Sometimes I'll got to Flickr, hit the "Explore" button and just travel the world in other people's photographs.

My favorite photos are of places that are sacred to others. Someone loves these small haunts - you can feel that in the photos.

If you are a writer, I recommend Flickr for writer's block. Spend some time there, and you'll be making up stories about these photos before you know it.

Photo by Eldad75

Sometimes the stories about the photographers are just as good as the pictures. The man who took this tiger photo also has a photo set on dogs he has rescued from shelters. He works with a rescue group out in L.A. called Ace of Hearts. He has rescued over 400 dogs from shelters, and fostered 100 of them at his own home. What a guy.

I love nature photographs. I've been drawn to these since I was a kid (and thank you Mom and Dad for making sure we had National Geographic and Time Life books around the house when we were young). Some of the animal encounters posted at Flickr take my breath away.

If I had it to do over again, I would become a wildlife photographer; the kind who spends months in the wild, and then makes up for it by sleeping in four star hotels once they get back to the city. An experienced, well traveled woman can live both with and without hair dryer.

But coffee is always a must.


Photo Credit:
Woman with Shell Necklace and Woman Laughing by Kyle Hally at wetribe.
Tiger Swimming by Eldad75
Used with permission

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