Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cat Magic or Cats Knot Working

Sia's Post:

Defend Our Pets is asking people to circulate and sign their petition to Congress to keep our pet food safe. (1) Once at that site you can also sign Senator Dick Durbin's petition to the Food and Drug Administration to clean up our pet food supply. The Congressman writes:

Recently, I spearheaded a Senate Committee hearing to find out what went wrong -- why contaminated pet food made its way into the food supply, and how we can make sure it never happens again. So far, we've learned that the response of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been wholly inadequate.

That is why I hope that you will forward an email to FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach -- tell him that it's time for the FDA to improve the safety of our pet food supply now!

Fun for Crafty Pagans

Heaven and Earth Counted Cross Stitch is a counted thread design company that is dedicated to creating beautiful and intricate cross stitch designs. Here you will find the charted artwork of many talented artists such as Linda Ravenscroft, Brigid Ashwood and Jessica Galbreth plus artwork of the Masters from the Pre-Raphaelite era.

I owned a retail store for many years, and this company takes designs by artists both modern and vintage (whose card designs I loved to carry in my store, and show at Pagan conventions) and turns them into art you can make. This includes the luminous designs by Josephine Wall, Jen Delyth and Cynthia Matyi

I got a kick out of the Bast Goddess by Carrie Hawks
(She should illustrate some children's books.)

Check out the Celtic Art section while you are there. I loved the Pre-Raphaelite images and the Tapestries.

My thanks go out to Wendy@Waltzing Dog for some of these links. Take a look at her site to see links to her fairy quilts and the Harry Potter henna art and her photos from the Sin City Henna Conference. (Wish I'd been there). I wish her all the best in creating her Labyrinth Garden.

Off the Shelf:

For scholars:

Cat in the Mysteries of Religion and Magic


Classical Cats : The Rise and Fall of the Sacred Cat

Help Support Full Circle: Any money made from book sales via the Powell's Books or Amazon links at this blog goes to support non-profit efforts such as the Pagan Voting Project, the Spiral Steps Support Groups, The Gaia's Guardian's Project (which supports those who do companion animal & wildlife rescue and work to protect the environment), and the Earthwise Networking Project (which helps like-minded folks connect to do some good where they live). Thank you so much.

Art: Cats Knot Working by Cynthia Matyi

End Notes:

(1) Text of Petition: As pet guardians deeply affected by the recent tragic deaths of many of our pets,and the failing health of many,many others, we ask for your support and assistance in preventing a recurrence of this disaster. We ask for:

  1. Tougher laws and regulations concerning the quality of pet food sold
  2. More stringent inspection of pet food
  3. Funding to assure these inspections
  4. Certification of foreign inspection standards PRIOR to allowing imports
  5. Accurate labeling that shows the quality of ingredients
  6. Labeling that shows ingredients from foreign sources
  7. A ban on foreign imports if inspection standards are lax
  8. Tough penalties for violators

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