Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goddess Tours & Sacred Places

Sia's Post:

Karen Tate is doing some interesting work. This just came in today:

The Sacred Feminine of Paris - May 23 - 30, 2008:

Explore Paris and discover how a modern city can exude the essence of the Sacred Feminine. From the architecture and cuisine, to the history and Goddess Spirituality hidden in plain sight, the city of Paris has a flavor, beauty and culture like few other. No longer swept beneath the sands of time, the Divine Feminine comes alive along your journey. From her newly defined sacred place, the Louvre Museum, visit her many faces embraced across continents and cultures in the winding halls and corridors of this stunning bastion of art and history. Wonder at Mary Magdalene’s temple in the heart of Paris. Light a candle before Our Lady of Lourdes. Uncover places once sacred to Isis, the Druids, and Celts. Visit a sacred well beneath a cathedral replete with symbols and imagery of Goddess from a past long forgotten in contemporary life.Meditate on the ancient roots of the Black Madonna and the Blessed Virgin. Walk in the footsteps of the Templars, Josephine and Napoleon and other famous people of history. Contemplate controversial sites made famous in The DaVinci Code.

She is also planning a tour in Turkey.

She is offering a lecture in Hollywood on July 21st, as part of the Goddess Behind Glass series at the Magdalene Cultural Arts Center and Botique North Hollywood, CA

From her newly redefined sacred place, The Museum, her story,spirituality, and traditional practices of Goddess worship from ancient times comes alive. Join author and independent scholar, Karen Tate, as she presents a visual montage of images entitled, "Goddess Behind Glass," a visual journey celebrating She of Ten Thousand Names embodied in artifacts of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Contact Karen for details at karentate108@ca.rr.com

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Speaking of Sacred Places....

I've just heard that Red, White and Blue Beach, one of the last and best nude camping beaches in the West, closed last November. (See photo above). That magical place was a haven for many Pagans, Witches, eco-feminists and birders from California and all over the world. It will be greatly missed.

This is what I wrote about an experience I once had there:

One of my favorite Circles recently celebrated a weekend of ritual at a nudist beach here in California. Wildflowers blossomed all around our campsite, their perfume mingling with the smoke from our altars as we burned lavender, mugwort and sage. Sea birds flew around the cliff sides, calling to their mates and we joined our calls with theirs. When night came our fire leapt high to greet the stars, our drums echoed to the beat of our hearts and the river sang in joy as it rushed forward to meet the sea. The Wild Hunt was a thing of beauty, celebrated among adults with humor, honor, trust and love. It is at these times that I feel truly blessed to part of a spiritual practice that celebrates the cosmic dance of life.

Blessed Be to you and yours in all your Rites and Mysteries.


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