Monday, July 11, 2005

Spiral Steps Now Accepting New Members

I posted this at Vox today, and elsewhere:


The Spiral Steps Online Support Group is now accepting new members. All are welcome.

Using these steps we are able to deal with a wide variety of issues, including such issues as:

Anxiety & Depression * Chemical Addictions to alcohol, food, and drugs, etc. * Changing old patterns of behavior that effect us negatively today * Codependency & Counter dependency * Denial * Forgiving others and ourselves * Guilt & Shame * Growing up in dysfunctional families and how that effects us today * Handing Conflict & Fighting Fair * Handing feelings in healthy ways * Issues around being over or under responsible * Issues with Money & Prosperity * Letting go of old relationships and moving on * Perfectionism * Process addictions such as workaholism, manic shopping & over spending, gambling, creating a constant state of crisis, etc. * Problems dealing with change * Relationship Issues * Resentments * Trust Issues * Self Esteem * Setting healthy boundaries with friends, coworkers and loved ones * Self Assertion * Stress: what it does to us & how to relieve it * Uncovering and supporting our creative selves.

This is a nondenominational, anonymous support group, based on Earthwise ethics. We do not allow cross talk and we use "I messages" when we share.

Whether you are at the beginning, middle or near the end of the journey towards your Best Self, we believe that the Spiral Steps groups can help you along the path.

Please write or call if you have any questions or concerns,

Go well, stay well,

Founder: Spiral Steps Support Groups

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