Friday, July 08, 2005

Writing & Random Thoughts

I met with the publisher at her office on Tuesday. It was a good meeting. For my part, I got a good feel from them. She liked the work, and will take it to the top cat in Boston. I am ...cautiously optimistic.

Meanwhile, I'm working on an essay that is a good deal harder to write. It's going to ruffle some feathers. I don't mind doing that, as long as I do it with integrity.

The Spiral Steps meetings are going well. There are now 23 members in the on-line group.

A large Native American gathering was just canceled. So many good things have gone in the last few years. Money and staff, money and staff, it always comes down to money and staff.

This area is changing day by day. Too many people. Portland are Seattle are looking like better options for many of us.

The people of London are in our thoughts today. Many of us are doing rituals for the people who were hurt or those who've lost loved ones. Some of us are doing rituals to help the people who died, pass over. Sad days.

It's only a matter of time before the war hits the public again in this country as it did on 9/11. This will be the first period in America since the Civil War that the entire nation has felt the immediate, bloody effects of war. They didn't have television back then. I wonder how we'll behave when we have to cope with frequent bombings, televised nationally, in the same way the Brits and the Israelis have done?


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