Monday, March 07, 2005

Sexual Abuse Update - A Powerful Letter

A very powerful letter about sexual abuse in Covens just came in from a friend. (see below).

She has allowed me to share it, and I will do so. I have removed her name and email to protect her privacy.

This speaks directly to the issue that the Coven in question has at hand, and my friend gives permission to quote this note, so I've sent this along to the Coven and the families involved. I believe it's something they should hear.

Another author is writing an an article for The Witches' Voice on this subject where it will have a very wide readership. I've sent the author these notes (all names & emails removed). They will no doubt appreciate the help and advice that people have given this last week.

I sent out a note to the friend's list and it included this remark:

"Thank you, all. This is good work you are doing. We'll do whatever it take to make sure that this issue is addressed."


Thank you for being so clear about this issue. I was a child, served up on the alter of other peoples "compassion" for an abuser. Sexual abuse is NOT a crime of passion. It IS a crime of CONTROL and ALWAYS ESCALATES!

Because I was not more forceful, as a child, in prosecuting my abuser 3 other children followed me and each case was worse than the previous. I understand I was the victim, the perpetrator was truly accountable for his actions. However I feel strongly, I was partially culpable for not prosecuting him and therefore giving him unfettered access to more kids.

My parents and the coven that protected him was more culpable than I, for knowingly, under the guise of "understanding", letting him be someone else's problem and not holding him accountable.

Further, when you don't hold the perpetrator accountable, the message you are sending to the victim is very clear. "What happened to you is o.k." or "Your safety is not worth risking your attackers discomfort." No amount of therapy can undo the damage your "safe sacred community" does when it betrays you by inadvertently taking the side of your attacker.

Do what thou wilt, as it harm none. The coven that lets a predator lose in a world of children is opening its members to Karmic Flashback and not holding to this sacred creed.

In Love & Light
(name deleted

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