Saturday, March 05, 2005

When Bad Things Happen

I thought of Nanny Ogg when I read this:

Question: "How can a good God allow bad things to happen to good people?"

"I do not ask this, because this question assumes that anything outside of what we personally would have planned is a Bad Thing, and it thus assumes that we should be God, and it assumes that there should be no death and no sickness and no pain and no stupidity and no jealousy and no irresponsible destruction in this world, which are all unrealistic hopes. So I do not ask this question."

Rather, I ask: "How do we respond when bad things happen? What can I do to heal the hurt?"

This comes from a discussion by Frank Wu on Jose Jiminez, science fiction stories and their influence on his painting titled "Jack's House"

It's not a complete response, of course, and it won't help everyone, but it's a beginning.

And it speaks to the another essay question I'm working on which is this: What are Witches for? Only Terry Pratchett, who is not, in fact, Pagan, has really addressed this in ways I find meaningful. Now, isn't that odd?

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