Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pagans & Childhood Sexual Abuse

Libyan proverb: "Silence is the door of consent"

I got another powerful letter today on my question about Pagans and sexual abuse. I sent it along to a colleague who is doing work on this subject.

The lady who wrote this courageous letter allows me to quote her (see entire letter below).

Armenian proverb: "He who tells the truth must have one foot in the stirrup."

There are many in the Pagan community who don't want to hear about this; who don't want to know how some Covens have let their people down or left our children unprotected. The Hel with that. Full Circle, Spiral Steps and other groups are going to make sure that they do hear about it, and that healing and protection are offered.

In her letter she wrote: "There are several persons in my family who have been sexually abused." We are going to hear this a lot more in future, as more brave Pagans come out of that terrifying closet.

Many people are drawn to Paganism because they have been abused in "the real world", often within dysfunctional families, often sexually. They are looking for real home, someplace safe to heal, a way to tell their truth and a spiritual path that will help them to live a happier, more balanced life. They trust us to help them find that. If we fail them, what does that make us?.


Text of Full Letter:

Dear Sia,

Children Come First! Their rights come first before the practices of people who commit such a horrible crime of violating the innocent, this is one reason we have the laws we do in America, to protect our children. It is the parent's responsibility to protect their children the best they can. It is all and good to have the freedom to practice ones path, but the catch is it must not harm or take away the rights of anyone else and remain within the boundaries of the law,e specially a child's rights must be protected and our first priority!

Many are of the opinion that we must forgive and not judge sex abusers/offenders. This is a cop out and irresponsible. To not allow such persons free access to our children's bodies has nothing to do with judging anyone. It is protecting the young ones, loving the children as they deserve to be loved and cared for. Our children trust us adults to use wisdom with whom we allow in their lives.

There are several persons in my family who have been sexually abused. I am so grateful that there are laws that must be enforced to protect the children. Under the laws of our land, such offenders are required to be on a community list so no adults are unaware of whom these criminals are. I will never trust my relatives who did these crimes, nor shall I ever allow them to be alone with my children or grandchildren. Am I judging? NO way, I am being protective and responsible.

Our children are the most precious gift that we have been entrusted with to care and provide for. Should we be careless and expose the children to who knows how many diseases? Allowing the children to be traumatized, resulting in mental and emotional disturbances now and later on in life? How would you feel if you were the child and had no option to say no? Most children do not know they CAN say no to adults. We must start saying no on the behalf of our young ones.

M -

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