Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Pagan Garage Sale

Talked to Molly on the phone today. We both like to clean house for Imbolc and this includes our Pagan closets. So we've decided to host a Pagan Garage Sale for FCE. We'll include some shiny things from our friends, as well. This will be a small, casual benefit event for Full Circle.

The Pagan Garage Sale will take place in February, just after the holiday, at the Rec Room at Molly's place. I listed this event on the Full Circle calendar today. Just for fun, I've listed our Pagan lady organizers as Wryd Sisters. Molly can be Nanny Og, I'll be Granny WeatherWax and Wendy can be Magrat.

I've asked Molly to be on the Council this year and I've given her some time to decide. I wonder what she'll say?

I wrote to the Short List today and invited some friends to donate some special items or just drop by and visit. The event will last from 10 - 3.

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