Thursday, January 06, 2005

Pagan Issues: Money, Food & Health

Quite a tizzy over at Wren's Nest today over an article on Debt and the Divine: Dj weighed in, among others.

She is going to write several articles now for TWV on Pagans & Money, Pagans & Food Issues, etc. This will later be published over at Spiral Steps and used in a book by her on Pagans & Recovery.

She says that the Spiral Step meetings are going well. They've had the usual spike in attendance due to the common New Year and new members are coming in all the time. It's hard to get some new meetings going, though. People all want to go to an existing meeting, but few people want to do the work (and take the responsbility) of starting a new meeting on their own. It is quite a committment. Same old story, though. "Gee, I'd love to go, if only someone would make it all happen for me." If you want it, folks, then you are going to have to do some of the work to build it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: I've signed FCE up as a Civic Group with America On The Move, a website designed to help people find the right energy and food balance. I wrote to the FCE Friend's list today and asked those who were interested to join the FCE group (instructions below). This is free.

Memo to Short List:

Good morning :-) This is Sia. We are trying a new experiment over at FCE. We have signed up as a Civic Group on a website that helps people get moving in the New Year. The idea is balanced energy & healthy eating - nothing drastic or crazy. No fees. No weird lists. Nutritional info - no diets. This is meant to help people be more conscious about their use of energy during the day. We all know how hard it can be to put our own health on the top of our "To Do" list

If you have time, I would ask that you sign up in the FCE group, try it for a bit, and give me your honest opinion. You can use a nickname (or Craft name) if you prefer - You do not have to put down an address or phone. We are listed as a Civic Group for greater inclusion and privacy reasons. I'd like to know if you folks think that this would be a healthy & useful thing to offer to our larger membership.

You can use a pedometer and list your daily steps, or simply list your activity per day. If you like this then we can add in walking groups around your town, where people can meet on a regular basis for exercise.

Thank you for helping us evaluate this website.

NOTE: If this doesn't interest you, please *do not* feel obliged in any way. Once you have tried it for a bit, please send any thoughts you may have to us care of this address.

Best regards,



1) go to
2) Click "Join Now"
3) Select "Individual" registration
4) Use Full Circle's Registration Code which is RFU180675) Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your registration.

Now...where I have put that (bloody) pedometer?

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