Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Owlwind - Our Nature Guru

We have a Nature Guru here at Full Circle. She takes us all out on hikes which helps us urban types learn more about the nature around us here in the Bay Area. She was with us at our Staff Retreat last year at Gaia's Oasis in the Sierra foothills and she taught us all a lot. At night, we'd all gather in our deck chairs near the lake to watch the bats hunt insects at sunset ....All those beautiful fliers up there against a red sky....It's one of my favorite memories.

Now, I'm pretty good at seeing animals in the wild, but Owlwind is so good, it's spooky. When we go on a hike together, it's like a Disney movie. All the birds and animals see her and say, "Wow! Owlwind is here!" and then then all come out and say 'hi'. It doesn't happen like that unless she's with me....go figure.

I found a nice poster at Cafepress recently that shows track marks for North American animals. I'll send it to Snakemoon for the newsletter.

Note to self: Go back to Gaia's Oasis with Owlwind for another Art Retreat and Drumming Weekend. We did that, just the two of us, one April and it was splendid.

Other Note to Self: The last time I was there, Full Circle presented them with a fountain in the shape of Demeter. I'll have to ask them where they put it and how it looks.

This year, Owlwind and I are going hiking and birding together most Saturdays. I'm looking forward to more of those Disney moments.


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