Monday, August 16, 2004

Who's On First?

Mercury is in Retrograde in a big way....

Everyone is struggling to communicate. Calls and emails are missed or mis-understood. Electronics break down, appointments are difficult to keep and it's tempting to put off any more work until after Sept 2nd.

I've written and asked folks to be very careful and patient with one another. Don't assume that you know what the other person is thinking, ASK! (good advice at any time, but essential right now).

But with all that, we still got a lot done.

* Talked to Fritz about PVP - this will be the lead for next week's Witches' Voice
- The hurricane passed them by and they are OK, although many, many others are not.
* Talked to Abbey re Cafe Press designs & PVP ad specs
* Talked to Magickal Velvets re more Vendors for WB.
Q: Can we even fit any more in? We love these folks, they support us every year. But there is so little room left right now.
* Talked to Trisha re final edits on 13 Reasons.
Q: What ads would appeal to young women voters? (A group who don't vote as much as other demographics). Listed her as Co-Writer.

During lunch hour:
Worked with Uncle Jon on PVP pages over the phone

Council Meeting tonight - 7:30 - usual place - (pie!)

To Do:
* Get final money from Sponsor *$250.00 still owed
* Prepare email to other Sponsors for Text link ($25 for 60 days on Front or Costuming Page. $40.00 for 60 days on both - Is this price right? )
* Get Car Pool pages ready
* Pick up flyers from Kinkos
* Make special Lady Liberty Ad for The Witches Voice
* Talked to Mystic Hawk re updates (Laurel sent her notes, as well)
* Kill Bill (just kidding)

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