Friday, August 13, 2004

Reasons to Vote

* Wrote "Our Top 13 Reasons Why Pagans Should Vote" today - sent it around for review.

* Had Phone meeting with Mystic Hawk yesterday to discuss Witches' Ball website. This year's site is a very different look for us, but it's lovely, and I think it will work well. I've asked her to make the new logo larger. It's quite pretty.

* Working with Laurel & Nimue to make up flyers for Ren Faires. Shelley and her gang will pass these out.

* Talked to Howard about specs for PVP website.

* Abbey hopes to have the graphics done by today for PVP (She's hurt her hand recently, so this is proving difficult) I told her not to rush, we can go forward with what we have.

* Snakemoon is interviewing folks for the Intern position. We have several very interesting candidates.

* Gave a job reference over the phone for one of our staff members today. She's working two jobs right now to make ends meet, so I hope she finds something that's better for her, overall.

To Do:
* Finsh text for PVP site
* Review final drafts of WB site
* Order Dover books for graphics for WB site.
* Discuss ticket prices with Council
* Finalize paperwork with Dj
* Create car pool bulletin board for WB & post it on site.
* phone meeting with Snakemoon (next week)

Right now, I'm on antibiotics & pain killers from yesterday's root canal. These make me woozy, and I haven't slept well, so some of this will have to wait till I feel better. Goddess Bless all Dentists and their kin. (I can't imagine having treatment for this done in the Middle Ages...)

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