Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Coyote Is Laughing

Well.....Coyote's in the details.

I took a day off from work, more or less, and spent yesterday (day and evening) on various projects. Fixing Glitches, heading off disasters, making minor adjustments, and making
Big Plans.

Deadlines are looming.....The Tricksters are laughing.

We're working with 4 web builders now on various sites. We've got 3 writers and two graphics designers busy, as well.

In between, I watched the Olympics and got inspired.

But today, I'm exhausted. It's time to play with the dog, get some work done in my (real) life and take some rest.

At 3 I've got a phone conference with Snakemoon. "Wither the newsletter?" is our topic. She too, is going at a very high pace at work. She just got back from a magical retreat with her Coven, though, and she sounds good.

I've been dealing with the trees lately, it will be nice to look again at the forest.

Goddess: Please let this week be over soon and all the design issues resolved to Highest Good. And may all go well at the Witches' Ball.

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