Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Cats Who Juggle

* The Newsletter's out. I'll be glad when we have a Proof Reader on board to help with this.

Right now, we need to

* Decide on the DJ for the ball
* Create, buy and place ads for the Witches' Ball
* Create more flyers to hand out at the Ren Faires re WB
* Approve and unveil new website(s)
* Get black & white ads for the the voting project to magazine.
* We need to place Sponsor ads on the WB pages & collect money from our Vendors & Sponsors
* The Vendor Room is sold out and has been for some time - we'll need to note that.

Everyone is so busy working on FCE projects that we don't have the time to meet. We've pushed the Council Meeting back another week to accommodate our schedules.

Magpyre's back in town and she is helping with text & history links. I'll need her help finding images for the banners (a Venician ship and/or Gryphon for the West - For China, perhaps a Eastern Dragon or something from Chinese silk art from the period).

Wrote to Lhiannon today to see what can & can't be on her plate right now. She's up to her ears in work right now, and her kids are home for the summer, too, so she might not be able to help as much as she'd like to.

The Pagan writer I contacted did not have the time to do our Top 13 Reasons to Vote Page. So it goes. I'll do what I can here.

Howard is making the background pages for the Pagan Voting Project - these will go nicely with Abbey's graphics. We are using another wonderful image by her which speaks to tolerance & freedom of religion.

Azerias is free for the next month and then he goes back to grad school. Should we work on 501-C paperwork or not? If so, when?

It's a crazy time for all of us ... Like I said in the August newsletter - this isn't just herding cats, it's herding cats who juggle!


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