Monday, August 23, 2004

We did it! Two Sites at Once!

We did it!

We launched two websites at once, which is complete insanity (and if we ever try it again, may someone knock us on the head)....Nevertheless, we did it!

The Pagan Voting Project is now up. We may "tweak" it a bit more and add some things, but 99% of it is done. We got a lovely write up at The Witches'Voice this week about that site:


Our Pagan brothers and sisters over at Full Circle Events have just launched a bipartisan and non-profit web effort entitled The Pagan Voting Project to help inspire US Pagans to vote in the coming national election.Packed with important resources, the Pagan Voting Project tackles head-on the issue of why it is important that Pagans register and vote and then offers quick links to resources that can get YOU signed up. - Whilst there, do check out "Bats Inna Belfry" - A Voting Cardtoon - It's fabulous.

Other sections include a powerful document '
Thirteen Reasons to Vote', a stable of "Pagans Vote' images for YOUR website and other tools to help you to spread the word.Do we vote? Always have.... Always will - Do YOU?

Our profound thanks go out to Sia, Captain Lightening, Jon W., Howard S., Abby Willowroot, Laurel and Snakemoon for their dedication in putting this critical and timely resource together (week beginning August 22, 2004)


Damn nice of them to write that....

Traffic is very the site is good, thanks to this front page posting at TWV. Within the first evening, 377 people went to the "Register to Vote" page, and almost as many went to the graphics page. This leads us to hope that we can register a goodly numer of Pagan Voters and get the word out about this project (via those graphics) in time for the election in November.

We have also launched the Witches' Ball website, as well, and it looks fabulous. Again, we'll be doing some tweaking (add the costume graphics, names of Sponsors, play with the SilkRoads map, etc.) but this site is 95% done and we're very proud of it.

Both of these sites will be announced at The Witches' Voice. We'll also go to Google for some AdWords advertising, and Snakemoon will add notes in the September newsletter.

We're exhausted, but it was worth it.

Gods, I love these people - what a great group we have. Nothing daunts them.


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