Monday, July 26, 2004


I sent a long memo to Ochre today and gave him several contacts to interview for his thesis work. Included among these are:

The Publisher of Sagewoman, PanGaia & New Witch magazines
The Founders of The Witches' Voice
Spiral Steps & Spiral Scouts
Margot Adler (NPR) & Rowan Fairgrove (COG)
The author of Green Witchcraft
The owner of Serpentine Music
The professor at Chico who wrote People of the Earth
articles on the Parliment of the Worlds Religions (Pagan participation)

and some notes on the Quantum Weather Butterfly and magickal theory in Terry Pratchett's work. That outta hold him for a while...

I also spent 3 hours yesterday adding notes to the FCE calendar , doing research re festivals, et al, and inviting other Pagan organizers to post their events there.  The Southern California folks are using this more and more, which is nice to see. 

I'm having lunch with Owlwind today.  We are planning some camping trips.   It will be good to get back into the woods.  It's possible to spend so much time working at our jobs and doing volunteer work that we forget to take the time just to be.  With that in mind, it's time to go dance on the beach.



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