Sunday, April 26, 2009

Waiting for the May

"Ah! my heart is weary waiting,
Waiting for the May:
Waiting for the pleasant rambles
Where the fragrant hawthorn brambles,
Where the woodbine alternating,
Scent the dewy way;
Ah! my heart is weary, waiting,
Waiting for the May."
- Irish poet, Denis Florence McCarthy

Soon now. Very soon.


P.S. I love this image - it is one of my favorite pieces of pentagram art. It is all over the net - if you know who drew it, let me know.

If I remember correctly, the pentagram (which in my tradition stands for earth, air, fire, water and, at the top, spirit) is the five pointed star. A pentacle is the representation of that image with a circle around it. A pentacle is also the word used for the pentagram within a circle which is modeled in a three dimensional form either in gold, silver, clay, wood, glass, etc. One place that makes lovely pentacles in both clay altar pieces and jewelry (I love the tree) as well as other Pagan and goddess themed gifts is a company called Dryad Designs.

You can read more about
Pentacles and Pentagrams at Religious

Poem: Waiting for the May - The full poem can be found here:

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Anonymous said...

Ah... thanks for the inspiration and the reminders about Beltane. Somehow, it's almost slipped my mind. Too many dragons nipping at my heels (or something like that)!