Friday, February 20, 2009

Ask Me About My Feminist Rage: Anne Hill Sums Up PantheaCon

For years I made sure that my booth was right next to Anne Hill's Serpentine Music booth at PantheaCon. (1) This is because I can't think of better companions in the wyrd trenches that one inhabits when working and/or presenting at Pagan festivals than Anne and her family. I spent over a decade watching Anne work and teach and I found that she is always great company, even when stressed or tired or dealing with those who are, including those Pagans who brought all their jewelry but who left their manners at home. I also value her clear-eyed, no nonsense view of the Pagan community and often benefited from her insight and advice. Plus, she's funny. Her wise and pointed sense of humor was aptly displayed by the ribbons she created and gave out this year at PantheaCon that said "Ask me about my feminist rage".

It's a great story - click on the link above to enjoy her post,


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(1) Thank you, Thalassa

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