Friday, February 13, 2009

PantheaCon 2009

Have fun, folks.

Website for PantheaCon 2009

To Newcomers: Not every person you meet there will be true tribe for you. Use good personal boundaries and some common sense and you will find the empowered, balanced Pagans you knew were out there but had so much trouble finding before now. That's the great gift of PantheaCon and it's one reason why so many of us support it.

The organizers and many dedicated volunteers work hundreds of hours of their free time so that you can have this event. Please wear your best manners along with your jewelry and give them your support.

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To The Old Timers: Like many of you, I've been going to this Con since it started and I've supported it in good times and bad. The con in turn has given me some great experiences, support and networking opportunities for my own work and some wonderful friends. If you live in the area, and you want this unique Pagan convention to continue then this is the year to give them your support. If you have a job, either attend for at least one day or send them a donation to help with expenses. If you don't have a job, then save your money but pass the word along. Events die without our support. If you value this gathering, do what you can.

To The Organizers: Seriously? You live in the tech capital of the world and you put your workshop schedule on a PDF file? I love you guys, and I think you can do better. I spent 13 years doing community organizing in that area and I know that you are surrounded by thousands of Pagans and Pagan-friendly folks who can put a complex schedule up on website. The community has been asking you folks to post the schedule in good time for over a decade now. You've gotten a bit better at that, (well done, you!) and you still need to post it on the website on it's own page so that others can link to it and so that the search engines can find your wonderful list of classes, traditions and teachers by teacher/group/tradition names and keywords and thus help get the word out.

We all want to help you out, and we know that advertising an event is hard (especially these days); why not do the one thing that will get you a massive jump in website traffic, make it easier for your attendees to plan their schedules, spread the word via the bloggers who support you, generate excitement about the wonderful events and classes you offer, and advertise the con for free. So, please use your considerable networking skills to help bring PantheaCon into the 21st Century. It's time.

A Support Group That Welcomes You

The Con can be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to do it clean and sober. Here is a group that can help. They deal with any and all issues, not just alcohol or drugs, and all who respect earthwise ethcs are welcome.

The Spiral Steps Support Groups - online group
Anonymous, non-cross talk, non-denominational meetings based on Earthwise Ethics. All are welcome

See You Next Year:

Family obligations keep me here but I will be with you in spirit.

Go well, stay well,



To: Rowan, Kitchen Diva, Anne and her great kids, Sage, The Luck family, Thalassa, Token, Chaos, and all my other friends who support and attend this convention year after year: You will be in my thoughts. I miss you. Safe travels.


Anonymous said...

How about: To the organizers. Could you maybe, possibly, return emails to new presenters so they have some idea of what to expect?

Even multiple year presenters have told me they are "very hard to communicate with"

Sorry...moment of frustration there. It's been a long week.

Dj Connell said...

I can't speak for the organizers, but I have presented workshops there and if I can answer a question from my own experience, I would be glad to help.