Friday, January 18, 2008

Deer Myths, Legends and Songs: What Ari Burke Has To Tell Us

Today I would like to share an rich article by Ari Burke titled Where the White Stage Runs: Boundary and Transformation in Deer Myths, Legends and Songs. It is brought to us by the wonderful folks at The Endicott Studio.


As long as people have lived or hunted alongside the deer's habitats, there have been stories: some of kindly creatures who become the wives of mortals; or of lost children changed into deer for a time, reminding their kin to honor the relationship with the Deer People, their close neighbors. And there are darker tales, recalling strange journeys into the Otherworld, abductions, and dangerous transformations that don't end well at all. But all stories about the deer share some common ground by showing us that the line between our world and theirs is very thin indeed.

The bibliography he offers at the end is a wonderful source point for those who are interested in myth and legends, and the art that accompanies it on their webpage is well worth your time. The first piece you'll see is by Helen Nelson Reed, an artist I know well. That Lord of the Wildwood card is sitting on my bookcase as we speak.



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The image above is the one I refered to by Helen Nelson Reed. It is titled The Lord of the Wild Wood. You can purchase this image as art cards from our friends at Amber Lotus

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