Saturday, November 17, 2007

Over the hill, into Faerie

Don't you just love it when good writing transports you into another world?


It rained and the leaves blew and the wind tossed the branches and it was, well, it was wonderful weather for a witch. It's the kind of wind and rain that comes when the weather's changing, when the cold front of winter is rushing in to push the warm front of Samhein off to sea, the liminal space at Hecate's crossroads, the point when things bubble and change and are transmorphed in Cerridwen's cauldron....The forest was so full of such amazing, incandescent, burning, living color, and the air and the sky were so grey and the river was so covered in that mist that happens when the water from the sky is making love to the water in the river....just-like-that, you realize: "One extra step, and I'm over the hill into Faerie."

Speaking of faerie worlds, our friend Pixie has been very busy of late - check it out.


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Photos from Faerieworlds in Oregon by Pixi of Pixi Vision Productions. Used here with permission.

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Anonymous said...

Yes and these two photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.