Thursday, July 26, 2007

Of Pixies & Burning Man

This is a photo of Pixie, one of the official photographers of the Faerieworlds Festival. I love the contrast between her outfit and that hulking piece of technology. If you love photos, check out her website. I like her work, especially the portrait pieces for tribal and belly dancers. It's not easy catching dancers in motion, not easy at all.

She also shoots at two of my favorite events: Burning Man and the Labyrinth of Jared Masquerade Ball.

Burning Man Goes Green.

This year, Burning Man goes green. As always, change has pros and cons, and this huge change is causing a lot of talk. According to an article in CNN Money:

This year's theme is "The Green Man." Burning Man, an extravaganza characterized by the consumption of huge quantities of fossil fuel, has discovered environmentalism. It is attempting to offset the 28,000 tons of carbon it estimates the event generates (counting all those flights and long drives for its far-flung attendees), and the organization is belatedly switching to biodiesel generators to provide most of the event's electricity.

Most controversially, the organization wants to bring as many green-energy companies as possible into what Harvey calls a world's fair of clean tech. Google (Charts, Fortune 500) is going to help produce an online 3-D search service called Burning Man Earth.

Link: Burning Man Art Theme for 2007: The Green Man

But I'm not 20 anymore:

Then check out The Mature Person's Guide to Burning Man

Water, water everywhere:

While some people get ready to party in the desert, others are not so lucky. Where ever you celebrate summer, please keep a thought for our friends in the Chinese and UK floods.

Animal & Human Rescue Efforts In the Wake of the Flood:

This is the largest rescue effort in Britain since WWII. Humans are usually cared for in such cases (1) but pets and farm animals suffer, as well. Animal lovers can donate to urgent animal rescue efforts in Britain at the RSPCA website.


(1) Excepting those who live in New Orleans.

Photo of Pixie by ccprince

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