Saturday, May 08, 2010

Updates: Wildlife Rescue at the Gulf Oil Spill

Folks, I've been working behind the scenes for the last two weeks, doing my small bit to get volunteers, tech and supplies out to various bird and wildlife rescue groups out in the gulf and getting networking and other info out there. As tragic as this is, it is also a teachable moment and could well change how we think about offshore drilling, clean energy and climate change. Fingers crossed.

Blogging takes a backseat for now, but you can go to my newsfeed at BirdGarden for updates on the efforts to help the wild birds, marine life and people caught up in this disaster. I'll keep updating info on who needs what. Meanwhile: Here is a list of 10 Things You Can Do To Help

Many of you know that I'm involved with wildlife and companion animal rescue. I'm on standby via Audubon as are 11,000 other volunteers. I will fly out to the gulf if called and if our elder's health allows for my absence. The volunteers at International Bird Rescue Research Center are on the scene, rescuing birds as we speak, along with other great groups. I'm following all of these and posting updates, photos and videos as they come in.

600 species are affected by this, including 445 species of fish, 134 birds, 45 mammals, and 32 reptiles and amphibians. Many, like the brown pelican and the loggerhead turtle, are endangered already.

I think that Rachael Maddow said it for a lot of us the other night when she described how the BP oil spill is "an environmental, economic and human catastrophy".

Go well, stay well,


P.S. For you Pet Lovers: The Nashville Humane Society desperately needs funds and supplies to help dogs, cats and other animals caught in the Tennessee floods.

It's kitten season and every shelter in the U.S. needs foster homes, food, and basic supplies like paper towels and kitten food. Please help where and how you can.

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belle said...

I have friends in Europe who want to help. I send them to your blog.

I am asking my son at College to spread the word about donating hair.
It is almost Exam Week, they are all pulling it out anyway.

Thanks for keeping my World up-to-date on Mama Gaia's.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you're able to help in some way. Best wishes!